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Amoako Boafo : Studio visit

 Amoako Boafo is one of the revelations of young African painting. Born in Ghana in 1984, he now works in Vienna, and his style is clearly influenced by the Austrian master Egon Schiele. Boafo’s output consists mostly in large-scale full-length portraits, whose faces are painted in shades of brown and burnt sienna using the fingers, a technique that allows him to “encode the different nuances of skin colour” he sees in his friends, his family and figures he finds inspiring or interesting, whose images he mostly collects on social media. What do they all have in common? They belong to the African diaspora. Contrasting with his vivid subjects, his patterned backgrounds and clothing are often monochrome and realized in pastel shades. British designer Kim Jones was recently inspired by Boafo’s work for his 2021 spring-summer Dior Homme collection. Boafo was scheduled to show at Chicago’s Mariane Ibrahim Gallery, but the exhibition has had to be cancelled because of the pandemic. Thanks to his recent success on the market, however, he is now planning to build an artists’ residence in Ghana, which will open as soon as sanitary conditions allow. (Nicolas Trembley- Courtesy Numero)