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The best short film -Amar Kaushik’s Aaba

 Aaba which bagged Special  International Jury Prize  for the Best Short Film at 2017 Berline  Film Festival was selected as  the best short film in 64th National Film Awards.     

The film was directed by Amar Kaushik and was shot in Arunachal Pradesh. The director expresses his optimism in the future of Indian short film. 

 I think we have overcome the challenging times. These days, even short filmmakers find support and have platforms to reach out to the audience. So, it’s a promising time for filmmakers interested in short films – the only thing they need is a strong story.

Even after we moved out of Arunachal, my mother kept telling us interesting stories from there. Being a very good listener, the stories my mother told were always in my heart. Aaba is one such interesting story my mother had narrated that remained with me for the longest time.

I feel that death is one of the most misunderstood and mysterious subjects in the world. Waiting for death can be painful and seeing your loved one waiting for it can be even more unbearable.