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Hiba Kalache -Far Above our Heads

‘Far Above our Heads’ are works alluding to worlds unknown to us, and the mystery of human physical death and what comes with/after it.

Through the “conversation with Gibran” project, I found that Gibran’s consistent practice of painting and writing reflects the way one inserts trust and faith in an art practice as a means to live life and understand it. Within the ‘Journeys Through our Heritage’ show, my inquiry illustrates our need to create ritual and meaning around tragedy and personal awakenings. I question this ‘in- between’ space, in which his painted characters appear to exist, as if they are stuck and waiting for a bigger event to take place such as a miracle or a monumental shift.

Hiba Kalache is an interdisciplinary artist, who was born in Beirut, Lebanon and received her Masters of Fine Arts in San Francisco, California. Using the hand drawn image as well as the sculpted space, she explores the ways people process and filtrate memory, trauma, time and place. Kalache’s immediate surroundings and daily routine inform her process and concepts. She investigates personal narratives expressed through the qualities inherent in the locations and mediums she chooses. She is interested in making art that leads the viewer into a specific relation with both space and time and which allows him or her to explore new methods of engagement.

Weakness of human efforts

Kalache has exhibited in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Her work has been seen in Beirut, Istanbul, Berlin, Brussels, New Orleans, San Jose, Oakland, and San Francisco. She has participated in art fairs such as Art Dubai, Drawing Now (Paris), and Gwangju Art (South Korea).

Since 2010, I have pursued a personal visual language that combines characteristics of hand drawings with conceptual narratives. A story is infiltrated in order to hint at a specific time and place that I am part of. Through an intense process that may involve the layering and arranging of elaborate motifs as well as creating splashes of explosions, amorphous characters, or rhythms, a synthesis of open-ended readings is realized.

Under a beautiful sky