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Honolulu Biennial 2017-Mohammed Kazem

Mohammed Kazem (b. 1969) is a conceptual artist from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. He examines aspects of the everyday that are perhaps undervalued. Making sound visible has been a key component of his practice since 1990. In one example he used the seemingly ordinary action of scratching paper/acrylic  with scissors in the work Scratches on Paper. These markings became silent scores of an everyday process.

In the Honolulu Biennial (March 8 – May 8 , 2017 )  Kazem is creating a new installation titled Directions (Honolulu 2017).  The installation draws from the lived experiences of the artists involved in the Biennial by mapping their geographic coordinates and thereby creating a series of meeting points. The aim of the piece is to challenge the concept of barriers of identity and belief systems and instead put the focus on the diversity of the event.