White Crow Art Daily

The agony of loss

The news of Sujatha’s demise was extremely painful. I have met her only a few times.She passed through several trials in life but met all of them with courage and they never turned her a cynic.
There was a rare tenderness in her that I have found only in very few people which made one feel he was talking to a sister or a long-time friend and she was not conservative in her views on life or friendship.
The three sisters- Hridaya , Sugatha and Sujatha were each different in attitudes and may be aptitudes too but all were ( Sugatha still is) still deeply creative at heart: now Sugathakumari alone survives : I wish Sujata peace at last and wish Sugathakumari and all those who knew and loved Sujatha the strength to endure the agony of loss.